Living Out Of Heaven, Part 3

In the first two parts of this series, you learned that you are not a human being who sometimes has supernatural experiences. You are a spirit being who is having a human experience! Because of the cross and because of the blood, if you are born again, you are already seated with Christ in heavenly places. 

We talked about Biblical examples of people living out of heaven, like Yeshua, Moses, Paul and John. I gave you some present day examples, including some from my own life, and hopefully, you are seeing that living out of the heavenly realm while on earth is natural – it’s your original design. It is also very practical, giving you a clear view of things you might not see accurately while remaining earthbound. Living from the heavenly realm places you in a position of spiritual authority and dominion over those things you are overcoming. And hopefully you’re seeing that this is not for a “special” few, but is for every child of God. It’s for YOU!

Here’s the video teaching, and we’ll even take a few minutes at the end to practice together.


1.  Keep a YES in your heart, even if you don’t fully grasp everything with your natural mind. Your spirit knows all things, and this revelation knowledge works its way out into your soul as you grow and mature.  

2.  Trust that you do hear from God. “My sheep know My voice.” (John 19:27) 

3.  Embrace your thoughts and impressions with childlike faith. You must enter as a child. (Matthew 18:3)

4.  Use the gateway of the imagination. The enemy will either try to close this gate or to defile it because he knows that it is a powerful tool.  

5.  Access the supernatural realm through gateways of the Word, worship, prayer and thanksgiving. Don’t stop at the door.  

6.  Pray in the Spirit. 

7.  Journal. It will help you remain focused and will help you to remember encounters that flow through you quickly.

8.  Ask the Father for a community of people who can confirm and encourage you on your journey. 

9.  Remember Luke 12:32 – It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom!

I’m releasing abundant grace to you today to enjoy all that the Father has for YOU!

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