The East Gate

You have gates in your being (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, heart, etc.), you ARE a gate of heaven upon the earth, and you have the privilege of stewarding geographical gates so that the King of Glory will come in. So even if you are not part of our local community, I believe you will learn what it means to be a gatekeeper and will glean valuable keys to help you govern all that has been entrusted to you by the Father. … Continue readingThe East Gate

Your Part and God’s Part

Have you ever wondered what your part is and what God’s part is in this whole miracle thing? Have you asked, “Is it up to me or up to God? Am I to do something or do nothing?” Have you wondered what obedience or faith is supposed to look like for you in your specific situation? If you’re asking these questions, you are dancing the dance of the two camps. And you are not alone. … Continue readingYour Part and God’s Part