Time and Eternity

As you probably already know from our “maturity map” in I John 2:12-14, the objective of spiritual childhood is to be firmly grounded in your identity as a fully forgiven and born-from-above son of God. The “young man” phase of spiritual development is all about working those spiritual muscles, growing strong in the storms of life and overcoming your personal adversary. Spiritual fathers (mature and fruitful) “know Him who is from the beginning.” 

In this video teaching, I will share from Scripture and from some very powerful personal encounters about this “in the beginning” place and will take you on a journey there with me. Together we will go to that “formless and void” place described in Genesis 1 and will access the eternity God has placed in our hearts (Ecclesiastes 3:11). Remember…. the kingdom of God is within you (Luke 17:21)!

You may be asking why in the world you should be interested in going to a place that is “formless and void.” Well, here are just a few reasons that the deepest places within you long to sit in the eye of this storm, drinking from the eternal realm…

  • We access and govern time from eternity. 
    Time management can be helpful from a standpoint of governing with wisdom, but ONLY governing time from time will produce limited and inconsistent results at best. To truly govern time, we must do it from the place of eternity within us. When we drink from the limitless flow of eternity and bring it into time, we will always have more than enough. This is true of every resource. 
  • As little-e elohim, we co-create from nothing, accessing everything.
  • Submitting to His devouring fire in this place of nothingness prevents us from creating carnal desires or things that are too small. 
  • Chaos no longer derails, devours or distracts us. Rather it energizes us as we consume its energy. It is not about ordering the chaos but consuming it. This is what Jesus did at the cross, when DEATH WAS SWALLOWED UP IN VICTORY (I Corinthians 15:54). 
  • From this place outside of time, we can BE IN our expected end, pulling our future into the present. We can arc between the pre-creation altar and our future selves, creating agreement. 
  • We may not fully understand the outworking of the manifestation of these victories in our natural lives yet, but if we keep showing up, heaven always manifests on earth.

In subsequent teachings, I will give you some very practical hands-on tools like centering, Biblical meditation, imagination exercises and structures to create out of this place. But for now, your homework is to just be faithful to show up here in this place and BE. Remember, light displaces darkness JUST BY SHOWING UP. Also remember that what you do in the heavenly realm, even if it is only by faith, WILL MANIFEST IN YOUR EARTHLY LIFE. 

May this bless you and produce much fruit in your life,

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