The King’s Horses

In a recent encounter, I saw a herd of horses…. wild, fierce, strong, fast as lightning. At first they appeared to be untamed because they had no bit or bridle (yoke of man), but then I realized that they were the King’s horses. They did not need an external yoke because they wore His yoke. His law (an even higher standard) was written upon their hearts.

I once heard that, when selecting horses for the king, the potential horses were put through rigorous training. Then, exhausted and thirsty, they were allowed to run toward the water. At the very last moment, they were given the command to stop. Only the horses that obeyed were selected for the service of the king. Today, I feel that the Father wants to encourage some people concerning the “hardness” of things in their lives right now. Yes, the resistance is often demonic in origin, but it filters through our Father’s hand UNTO our overcoming. Every sacrifice tips the scales of His justice on our behalf. Be encouraged. Be strengthened this day. Be renewed in strength and grace and purpose. You are entering another gate and with that, promotion and increased authority and dominion… as you are trained to be His “wild” stallion. … Continue readingThe King’s Horses

The Shoulders of the Priests

For your crossing over into your Promised Land and for your miraculous parting of the Jordan, the priestly must go first. It is all about ministering to the Lord and bearing on your shoulders the Ark of the Covenant, which is the “kabod” of God – the weight of His presence and His glory. The people will follow the priests who minister to the Lord and who bear His presence upon their shoulders. Only the priestly anointing can part the tumultuous waters standing between you and your promises. Then, when those waters part, you will walk through on dry ground and will manifest your kingship as you take the land. … Continue readingThe Shoulders of the Priests

Living Out of Heaven, part 2

What we experience in the heavenly realm is real! And this reality manifests in the tangible, natural realm!! In this week’s video teaching, I’ll give you some Biblical, present day and personal examples of heaven manifesting in the earth and will share one of my earliest encounters in a heavenly counsel room that began with a crazy strategy and ended with a miraculous victory over a demonic assignment. If you are facing a situation that is “impossible” in the natural realm, rejoice. You have been chosen to not only overcome, but to be a demonstration of what it looks like to live from heaven and to be a channel of heaven’s limitless supply. You can’t be an overcomer without overcoming something, so just keep that YES in your heart and receive Divine grace to live from the heavenly realm. … Continue readingLiving Out of Heaven, part 2