Summer Jumpstart: June 14-July 4

Many of you who joined us for Jumpstart in January experienced tremendous acceleration in your walk with God, your intimacy with Him, your growth and overcoming, and in your seeing, hearing and experiencing the heavenly realm. At the end of our glorious month, some folks asked to continue on a daily basis, but I didn’t want this to end up BEING people’s life in God. It is only a tool to support our abiding in Him. That is when Tekhelet Restored was born and we began meeting on Tuesday mornings to pray, learn and grow together.

Perhaps you have lost a little momentum since January. Or, if you didn’t join us then, maybe you’d like to do so now. Well, I’ve got good news for you! From June 14 – July 4, you are invited to join me at 6:00 am EST. We will pray in the Spirit for 15 minutes. Then we will silently and individually encounter the heavenly realm together for 15 minutes (have a journal handy). Then, from 6:30-7:00, we will share the revelation we have received. Prepare to be amazed at the way Holy Spirit weaves us together as His tapestry. 

In previous years, many people who thought they were not “seeing” in the Spirit learned to enter in with the simple faith of a child and realized that they really were encountering Him all along. And we were all taken to new depths and new heights, as we sought His face together. 

Since this is being made public this year, please honor these guidelines:
1. Feel free to invite people you know, but do not post on social media. 
2. Please do not invite those who are argumentative or contentious. 
3. Please begin with your video ON. 
4. Please have your audio ON for praying in the Spirit and OFF for the encounter time. 

To join, just log in to Zoom, with Meeting ID: 876 5184 0775 and Passcode: 096061. Or use this LINK

I look forward to praying and encountering the kingdom with YOU! Happy Summer!

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