Multiplicity & Jumpstart Update

Perhaps you, too, feel overwhelmed with too many things clamoring for your time and attention. Maybe you have felt scattered, like you’re doing so many things that you’re not doing anything well. Maybe you have even felt a bit of confusion in your time with the Lord, because there are so many different things to do and to practice and so many different places to go and things to engage with in the Spirit. Like me, maybe you have been trying to maintain all these natural responsibilities and spiritual disciplines out of singularity instead of realizing that, in Christ, you are multidimensional.  … Continue readingMultiplicity & Jumpstart Update

Living Out of Heaven, part 1

We are not human beings who have spiritual experiences. We are spirit beings having a human experience. The supernatural feels more natural than we think because it is our natural state. This is why Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is WITHIN YOU” We are learning to be who we really are. We are learning to live out of that place where we are seated with Christ in heavenly dimensions. We rule and reign from heaven into the earth, not the other way around. As spirit beings, we are not subject to the limitations of this physical realm. … Continue readingLiving Out of Heaven, part 1