Do you know you are a gate of heaven? One gatepost is your spirit, which is the real you. It is firmly fixed in the heavenly realm where you are seated with and IN Christ. The other gatepost, of course, is your physical body, which is here in the earthly realm. The King of Glory comes through that gate and sits enthroned upon your praise. It is from your awareness of this reality that you govern. Under His wings, you can spread your wings out over all of creation, including the sun, moon, stars and planets, whose job is to govern times and seasons. Listen, and you will hear their groaning and will feel their anguish at being thrust out of alignment at the fall and their longing to be brought back into alignment with the heart and will of the Father. They are longing for the manifestation of the mature sons of God, who will call them home. We are under authority and, from our place of authority over them, will call them back into alignment.

Recently, I stepped into this dimension and, as I began doing this, I found myself calling them to “return” (teshuvah), which means “repent.” It is not that they have done anything wrong. They were subjected to futility unwillingly (Romans 8:20). But we have the glorious opportunity to call them back home to the Father’s heart and purposes, just like the prodigal son returned home to his father’s house. The sons are calling prodigal creation back home! I kept singing over them to “return to their rest,” which, I know is connected to the Promised Land (entering into our rest). Then I did something I have never done before in this place: I wrapped my wings around them in a tight and loving embrace, enveloping them with safety and restored purpose. I could feel them returning love to me and to all of God’s sons who are partaking in their return. I called for the return of the time of life and the return of the manifestation of every promise. I knew by the Spirit that this return was a kind of Jubilee…a “moed” of God, an appointed time. And that time is NOW! 

What does this mean for you? It means that, as a son of God, you have the amazing opportunity to govern times and seasons. First, you submit fully to the will, heart and timing of the Father. Then, from that place of full submission, you exercise the dominion that was restored to you in Christ. By calling the heavenly bodies to align, you are facilitating the return of the plans and purposes of God, including every promise unfulfilled and every opportunity missed, stolen or forfeited. From your position as a son of God who has dominon over time (a created thing), you can call for a time of Jubilee, where things are returned to the way originally intended by our Creator. Don’t try to quantify everything with human reasoning. Rather, with childlike faith, step into spiritual reality and watch natural reality shift and align. Truly, it is a glorious TIME to be alive!

I look forward to hearing your stories of returning and restoration!

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