Where Are You On Your Maturity Map?

Do you know where you are on your maturity map? Here’s a questionnaire that will help you assess your overall progress… not to cause you to feel ashamed, to strive or to perform, but to show you how to cooperate with God and even enjoy the specific classroom that you are in right now. Remember, God is your perfect Father. He is more concerned with your maturation and destiny than He is your comfort, therefore He has put you in the specific classroom that will help you grow. … Continue readingWhere Are You On Your Maturity Map?

Fiery Stones

He began to reveal to me that everything — EVERYTHING — exists in its entirety there in His heart! Every promise is already fulfilled. Everything is already restored. Every miracle is already complete. Every desire of His heart melted into ours is already “yes and amen” there in that place! As I have continued plunging into God’s heart, dancing upon the fiery stones, I have realized that the stones are just at the very entry. There are much deeper places — many mansions — in His heart. His heart is so vast, so infinite that all the galaxies and every created thing contained within it are as mere specks of dust. Encountering Him is the greatest adventure of all eternity. … Continue readingFiery Stones

I Am A King

I am a king, submitted to the King of kings. I think like a king, live like a king, operate like a king, feel like a king. I am at the mercy of no one or nothing. I do not labor as a slave; I co-labor with God as His son. I decree, and it is carried out by those the Father has sent to fulfill His word spoken through me. I have been schooled by the Seven Spirits of God and grown to maturity through their classrooms in the Spirit, so my ways are His ways, and my thoughts are His thoughts. I am not frantic, overwhelmed or afraid. Rather, I create my world according to His power, kindness and generosity toward me. I am an extension of His kingdom. I am an earthly picture of a heavenly reality. I am a gate of heaven. I am a king. … Continue readingI Am A King