I Am A King

I am a king, submitted to the King of kings. I think like a king, live like a king, operate like a king, feel like a king. I am at the mercy of no one or nothing. I do not labor as a slave; I co-labor with God as His son. I decree, and it is carried out by those the Father has sent to fulfill His word spoken through me. I have been schooled by the Seven Spirits of God and grown to maturity through their classrooms in the Spirit, so my ways are His ways, and my thoughts are His thoughts. I am not frantic, overwhelmed or afraid. Rather, I create my world according to His power, kindness and generosity toward me. I am an extension of His kingdom. I am an earthly picture of a heavenly reality. I am a gate of heaven. I am a king. … Continue readingI Am A King

Giants and Dust Storms

On June 16, I had an encounter where I saw 7 giants being dethroned and thrust into the earth realm, just like the pattern Jesus described in the fall of satan. As soon as these giants plummeted to the earth, I saw a huge dust storm and realized that they were kicking up dust, like a temper tantrum. I knew by the Spirit that each of the 7 giants had been assigned to one of the 7 continents, which, in turn was connected to a specific planet. … Continue readingGiants and Dust Storms


The next thing I knew I was standing upon the mountain of government of this nation releasing truth, calling all hidden things into the light. Jesus was with me, and I was in Him and Him in me. Righteousness and Justice stood with me, one on each side, holding up my hands like Aaron and Hur. I decreed blessing and protection for all who are allied with Righteousness and Justice. Then I began to call others into this Secret Place, for more is accomplished here in one moment than in years of earth-bound labor. As I released the call, many began to show up, and the more that showed up, the more the earth was filled with His glory. There was a direct correlation between the two. … Continue readingTHE SECRET PLACE, PART 4: YOUR MISSION, SHOULD YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT

The Spirit of Might

If you are standing before a wall that seems impenetrable or facing resistance that seems to be more than you can overcome, be encouraged. Not only do you have Christ living His supernatural life through you as you yield, but you also have the Spirit of Might, who has been sent by the Father to grow you to maturity… and to strengthen you. Remember that the strength gained in the contending will be necessary for the stewarding of all that God has destined for you. Just say yes to your training, as uncomfortable as it may be. And be strengthened in Him today! … Continue readingThe Spirit of Might

Thought and Emotion Filters

We’re sons. We’re learning to govern creation and to co-create with God. But governing first begins with our own souls, bodies and lives. In past seasons, I learned to honestly acknowledge what was resonating inside of me and to give those thoughts and feelings a voice, so that they could be revealed and healed. But this season is different. One night, I was experiencing a barrage of swirling thoughts, when the Father said to me, “What makes you think you have the right to think any thoughts other than Mine?” Then, He showed me something so obvious that I couldn’t believe I had missed it. … Continue readingThought and Emotion Filters


as a son of God, you have the amazing opportunity to govern times and seasons. First, you submit fully to the will, heart and timing of the Father. Then, from that place of full submission, you exercise the dominion that was restored to you in Christ. By calling the heavenly bodies to align, you are facilitating the return of the plans and purposes of God, including every promise unfulfilled and every opportunity missed, stolen or forfeited. From your position as a son of God who has dominon over time (a created thing), you can call for a time of Jubilee, where things are returned to the way originally intended by our Creator. … Continue readingTeshuvah