Come Out of Hiding and Soar!

For several weeks, the Lord has been leading me to release TRUTH into the earth, bringing all hidden things into the light. My first thought, of course, was that hidden corruption is being exposed, and that is certainly happening right now! But for the last few days, the Father has been speaking to me that corruption is not the only hidden thing being revealed. He said…

Many of My faithful servants who have been abiding in the secret place and laboring in relative obscurity are now being brought into the light of favor and blessing. These hidden ones have a revelation of being seated IN Christ in heavenly places at My right hand. From that vantage point, they will look to Me as I open doors that no man can shut:  

I know what you are doing. Look! I have put an open door in front of you. No one can shut it. I know that you don’t have much strength. But you have obeyed my word. You have not said no to me.
-Revelation 3:8, NIRV

Just like Joseph, these ones will now look back over their lives and training and will see very distinct pit, prison and Potiphar seasons, all of which were preparation for Pharaoh’s house and the manifestation of the dreams of their youth… dreams which died long ago. Indeed, they had to die, for resurrection and ascension dreams are exponentially more powerful than dreams that have not passed through the refining of the grave. With every season and every cycle of disappointment, these dreams have gained exponentially greater anointing, power and spiritual momentum. Many who have felt the sting of broken dreams have even begun to feel that their lives have been wasted. Many have wondered if they really heard Me, if they were really called or if they have failed Me in some way. To these ones I am saying, No, you have not failed, but you were born for such a time as this. Arise, shine, for your light has come, and this day, My glory has risen upon you!

At the very moment the Father was speaking this to me, He gave me a tangible sign of His message. Right outside my window was a monarch butterfly that had just emerged from the cocoon. The strange thing about this was that the cocoon had been there all along, but I had never seen it because it blended in with the color of my fence. Not only was the cocoon a hidden place, but the cocoon itself was completely hidden until the splendor of the butterfly’s wings caught my attention. I watched as it lingered in the light of the sun, drying and exercising its wings. And then it flew away, beautifully soaring into its purpose. 

So, be encouraged, hidden ones. Spread your wings in the light of His countenance. And fly!

Beloved, we are God’s children right now; however, it is not yet apparent what we will become. But we do know that when it is finally made visible, we will be just like him, for we will see him as he truly is. 
-I John 3:2, TPT

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