as a son of God, you have the amazing opportunity to govern times and seasons. First, you submit fully to the will, heart and timing of the Father. Then, from that place of full submission, you exercise the dominion that was restored to you in Christ. By calling the heavenly bodies to align, you are facilitating the return of the plans and purposes of God, including every promise unfulfilled and every opportunity missed, stolen or forfeited. From your position as a son of God who has dominon over time (a created thing), you can call for a time of Jubilee, where things are returned to the way originally intended by our Creator. … Continue readingTeshuvah


The school of this season seems to be that of walking in dominion, taking authority over all that has been entrusted to me by the Father. It is about learning to co-rule and co-reign with Christ and about gaining the strength to be proactive rather … Continue readingDominion