Overcoming The Cares of Life

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the duties and responsibilities of life? Are you trying to be a Mary with a Martha schedule? If so, you’re not alone. The pace of this world is aimed at causing fragmentation and at drawing us away from the Secret Place, where the real work is done. In this teaching, you will learn some deep and practical keys to walking in peace and to engaging with Shalom as a being. You will learn the literal meaning of Shabbat Shalom and will learn how to redeeming time and how to order your life as a king who rests beneath the shadow of the King of kings.

Click here to watch this video on YouTube: Overcoming the Cares of Life on YouTube

And over the next few weeks, I’ll send out some tidbits that will help you walk in victory and in unshakeable peace.


The painting is ‘Forgiveness’ by Daniel Gerhartz

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