From Glory To Glory & The Ladies Of Gold

Throughout church history, there have been individuals and groups who serve as signposts along the way, displaying to us what is possible and available to us in Christ. One of the most profound displays of both the possibilities and the process was a group of intercessors called the Golden Candlestick. In the 1920’s, this group of intercessors began meeting together to worship and to pray. Though many of them had been trained for ministry in Aimee Semple McPherson’s Bible school, the Lord asked them to lay down their aspirations for public ministry and to minister to Him in the secret place. They agreed, and, under the leadership of Francis Metcalf, prayed together four or five nights a week for about 50 years. First, they began getting glimpses of the Spirit realm through dreams and visions, which Francis Metcalf called “raptures.” As they ministered to the Lord, He would give them downloads of prophetic songs that were in perfect meter and rhyme. Their faithful stewardship of these kinds of experiences enlarged their spiritual capacity to include their physical bodies, and many were physically translated to heaven and would return wearing heavenly garments and jewels. They would physically transrelocate to different geographical locations in the earth, where they would lead people to Christ and would share the Gospel with unreached people groups. They would return from these trips, too, with tangible tokens of their journey. Though Francis released some of her revelation in teaching form, they did not speak openly of these kinds of encounters, and few in the earth knew what they were doing or that they even existed. … Continue readingFrom Glory To Glory & The Ladies Of Gold


The next thing I knew I was standing upon the mountain of government of this nation releasing truth, calling all hidden things into the light. Jesus was with me, and I was in Him and Him in me. Righteousness and Justice stood with me, one on each side, holding up my hands like Aaron and Hur. I decreed blessing and protection for all who are allied with Righteousness and Justice. Then I began to call others into this Secret Place, for more is accomplished here in one moment than in years of earth-bound labor. As I released the call, many began to show up, and the more that showed up, the more the earth was filled with His glory. There was a direct correlation between the two. … Continue readingTHE SECRET PLACE, PART 4: YOUR MISSION, SHOULD YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT