Kingdom Strategy

I think we all agree that we are living in unprecedented times. This week, I wanted to share a short video, where I briefly recapped the profound kingdom strategy that unfolded at All Things Restored over the last three weeks. It will give you understanding of what God is doing behind the scenes, along with a clear cut strategy for co-laboring with Him in the earth. This is truly an exciting time to be alive, and it is time for God’s little-e elohim to shine!

I hope that this little clip has given you hope, clarity and strategy, and I would like to encourage you to join me in releasing:
1. Truth – that all hidden things would be brought into the light
2. Righteousness – to be established on the earth
3. Justice – to be released on behalf of everyone to whom it is due
4. Life – to displace everything of death and corruption

Under God’s authority, stand in your place of dominion in the stars, answering the groaning of creation and bringing it back into alignment with the plans, purposes and timing of the Father.

Take the sword of the Spirit and cut every soul tie connecting you to corrupt world systems and structures. Ask Holy Spirit to highlight any entanglements and to set you free. Co-labor with the Lord in establishing HIS government here in the earth realm… built upon the foundation of His name. On earth as it is in heaven!

Thanks for being a part of my God-journey. I treasure each of you and love knowing that together we are advancing His kingdom here. Until next week…


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