Eternal Spirit

I hope you enjoyed last week’s video and that you have been engaging with the Father “in the beginning.” I’ve been hearing such tremendous feedback from people who have had breakthroughs concerning time and material resources. I’ve also heard many testimonies about the effectiveness of consuming demonic chaos, rather than being devoured by it or even just resisting it.

The Law of Conservation of Energy states that energy is neither created nor destroyed, but that it merely changes form. This law of physics teaches us that by passively resisting chaos, it retains its energy, causing our battle against it to be endless. Perhaps this is how the adversary “wears out” the saints of God (Daniel 7:25). But if we proactively and with intent consume the energy of chaos, transforming it into love, joy, and peace, the forces of darkness are weakened, while we are strengthened and energized.

In Matthew 12:43-45, Yeshua warns against casting demons out and leaving their former dwelling place empty. There is certainly a time to simply “resist the devil” (James 4:7), but as we mature, a more complete response is to displace darkness with light. Yeshua didn’t just resist death. To the contrary, He humbled Himself and submitted to death on the cross… in order to completely defeat it, swallowing it up in victory. He consumed death, hell and the grave, and it became to Him (thus to us, the sons of God) resurrection life, ascension, dominion, and multiplication. Those three days of tohu wa bohu in the grave were days that Ruach brooded over the “formlessness and void” in order for the “Let there be LIFE!” to come forth. The creative pattern remains the same. And this is why we must lose our life to find it.

As you continue to engage with this sacred, eternal space, I want to bless you with a free song that I believe will serve as wind beneath your spiritual wings. For your FREE DOWNLOAD of Eternal Spirit, click HERE. It will be available for free this week only.

Father, I sit in the whirlwind of Your presence… a cocoon, a womb. Like the caterpillar, I am no longer recognizable… just clay in Your loving hands. I am completely at rest, totally at peace with the annihilation. You do all things well. And whatever emerges, whatever survives Your most vehement flame, will be born of You and not of the will or mind of man. It will be eternal rather than temporal seed. I am safe in the eye of this storm. I am safe within the black hole of Your passionate, fiery heart.

What a glorious time to be alive!
Until next time…

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