Displaying Heaven

Anytime God is doing a new thing or releasing a new message into the earth, He displays a sign to validate that message.  The birth of John the Baptist, the star that announced Yeshua’s birth, and the tongues of fire at Pentecost are Biblical examples.  The signs, wonders, words of knowledge, healings and creative miracles that have accompanied every revival or move of God are examples from church history.  The Father is restoring all things to His church (Acts 3:21), and each generation builds upon the foundations previously laid.

The message He is releasing to the church today is new to us, but it is not really new.  It is the ancient message of living out of heaven now.  We are gates of heaven called to release heaven into the earth.

In the heavenly realm, the “many mansions in the Father’s heart that Jesus spoke of, every promise is already fulfilled in its entirety.   Everything is YES and AMEN and is already done.  All we have to do is become conscious of being “seated with Christ in heavenly places,” so we can birth it into the realm of earth.

So if you are facing a natural “impossibility,” rejoice!  You have the opportunity and the honor of accessing heaven’s unlimited supply and of being a sign to validate the message that DEATH IS NOT THE DOOR TO HEAVEN; JESUS IS THE DOOR!

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