The Shoulders of the Priests

For your crossing over into your Promised Land and for your miraculous parting of the Jordan, the priestly must go first. It is all about ministering to the Lord and bearing on your shoulders the Ark of the Covenant, which is the “kabod” of God – the weight of His presence and His glory. The people will follow the priests who minister to the Lord and who bear His presence upon their shoulders. Only the priestly anointing can part the tumultuous waters standing between you and your promises. Then, when those waters part, you will walk through on dry ground and will manifest your kingship as you take the land. … Continue readingThe Shoulders of the Priests

So Thankful

For quite some time, I’ve been sharing snippets of Miracles Are Normal here, and I trust that you have been blessed. I have received so many encouraging testimonies of dramatic transformations and manifested miracles! I cherish each of these stories as a treasure to lay … Continue readingSo Thankful