The Technology of The Name

As we continue to grow and mature as sons of God, the Father desires to teach us some of the “how to’s” of His kingdom. One of the most powerful technologies – and one we’re hearing a lot about right now – is the name of YHVH.

I’ve shared before how the Hei (ה) in YHVH (Yod, Hei, Vav, Hei) represents the Ruach, the breath of God. The Vav is symbolized by a tent peg, a nail or a hook. Having a numerical value of six, Vav represents man. So the Vav is basically the connecting force of God, the Divine hook that unites heaven and earth… first, of course, as Yeshua, and then as us! AS THE BREATH OF GOD FLOWS THROUGH US, WE ANCHOR TRUE SPIRITUALITY WITHIN MATERIALITY BY FAITH.

For several years, I have consistently used name of YHVH in my prayer time by saying it aloud in all 4 directions after praying in the Spirit and before making my decrees and declarations. Whenever I do this, I can see a literal spiritual foundation being established upon which everything else is built. Recently, I have also joined with other sons to breathe YHVH into both personal prayer requests and global events, trusting that, even when we are unsure how to pray, God’s name goes forth in power to manifest His will and His heart. In times of personal meditation and contemplation, simply taking a few minutes to stop and breathe in and out YHVH brings near instant calm and focus, which, in turn, makes it easier to encounter the heavenly realm.

Today, Holy Spirit revealed to me another facet of the precious gift of His name. In Luke 11, Yeshua is teaching His disciples to pray. He begins, of course, by addressing God as Abba… Daddy. He then says:

… May the glory of Your name be the center on which our life turns.

-Luke 11:2, TPT

The Passion Translation commentary states that the Aramaic word for “name” here, shema, can also be translated as “light, sound or atmosphere.” I instantly realized that THE FREQUENCY OF YHVH, IF USED WITH INTENT, CREATES AN ATMOSPHERE IN AND AROUND US THAT IS INHOSPITABLE TO SIN, CHAOS, DESTRUCTION AND DISTRACTION!

The last phrase of this model prayer says:

… And rescue us every time we face tribulations. 

-Luke 11:4, TPT

The commentary states that this phrase could also be translated as, “Do not let us enter into ordeals.” The most familiar translations say something like, “Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil,” so I have always viewed this as a prayer to be kept from blatant sin. That would, of course, apply. But I never saw it as asking for help with the storms of life. This circles right back to the fact that the frequency of YHVH creates an atmosphere in and around us where shalom displaces chaos. It gives a more tangible understanding and practical application to a Scripture we know so well:

The name of the Lord is a strong tower; The righteous run to it and are safe.

-Proverbs 18:10, NKJV

Those who are In Christ have the privilege of utilizing the authority of the “name above all names” to speak “Peace, be still!” to every contrary storm. This week, ask Holy Spirit to lead you and to teach you the mechanics of this supernatural technology. Here are some suggestions to draw from:

  • Speak or sing YHVH aloud in every direction before making your decrees and declarations, picturing it as an unshakable spiritual foundation upon which your life is established.
  • Pause at the beginning of your encounter time and breathe in and out YHVH from your awareness of your place in Christ in the heavenly realm. Pay attention, as your breathing deepens and your heart rate slows. Notice the increased focus and ability to encounter the spiritual realm.
  • When praying for others or when legislating events within creation, release the breath of YHVH into that situation, trusting God to bring it into Divine order according to His infinite wisdom, power and love.
  • Whenever you feel tossed about by chaos, confusion, anxiety, or the storms of life, release the frequency of YHVH to create an atmosphere of God’s presence that surrounds you as a shield.
  • Remember that this is the very essence of God… the breath that spoke the world into existence, that breathed life into Adam, that renewed the youth of Abraham and Sarah and that raised Jesus from the dead. Just imagine what His breath will create when it flows into and through you!

It’s an easy yoke. Just breathe…

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