Did you know that there is more than one “Secret Place” in the realm of the Spirit? I didn’t either…until recently. You might have already heard me share about an encounter I had while worshipping one day. A small and very enthusiastic angel grabbed me by the hand and said to me, “Come on, let me show you how to accomplish much in the Secret Place.” We immediately approached a tiny, round door with beautiful, golden light streaming out from it. The light was so bright that I was blinded when I entered. The angel said, “Don’t worry. You’ll see soon. Your eyes will adjust to true reality. They have grown accustomed to a dim reflection.” Sure enough, I gradually began to see. I realized that my spiritual eyes must take over here, by Divine design, so that I am not seeing through the lens of Adam and the limitations of the earthly realm. 

Through the golden haze, I began to see people kneeling in prayer, tears streaming down their faces in a mixture of the ecstasy of His presence and the agony of feeling His heart. Others were sitting in chairs talking with Jesus. He manifested His omnipresence, as He was right there with all of them, holding their hands, looking deeply into their eyes, conversing with them as friends. I immediately knew that I was in the midst of spiritual greatness – ones who had sacrificed greatly in order to be trusted to know the mysteries and secrets of God and to bear His very heart.

I gradually began to see the forms of angels and many different kinds of heavenly beings, all of whom were very busy with important tasks that could only be accomplished in the Secret Place. After a few moments, I realized that they were mining and that this place represented the depts of God’s heart. In the earth realm, the deeper you dig, the darker it gets. But here, it is the opposite. The deeper you go inside His heart, the brighter and brighter it gets. I continued watching and saw that they were mining for diamonds. When they found one, they held it up, and, because everything in that place was brilliant light, rainbow prisms were everywhere, refracting and bouncing off of every “wall.” One of the angels handed me a diamond, and I could feel its weight in my hand and could feel its pressure in my palm, as it spun like a top. 

Everything was shrouded with this golden glory light. I knew by the Spirit that time was suspended in this place and that moments seemed like hours and hours like moments. And I knew that more was accomplished here than in millions of years of “heavy labor” on earth. Then Yeshua said, “These servants of Mine are available to you to teach you to create in the Secret Place.”

I had been going to this Secret Place on a regular basis, when, one day, I asked the Father what a 100-fold life would look like for me. “Come, let Me show you,” He responded. He took me by the hand and walked me through that tiny door to the Secret Place, except that He and I didn’t crawl to get through the door, as I usually do. We walked through the wall. When we entered, everyone inside bowed in reverence before Him. He walked me to a chair that was assigned to me. Yeshua sat across from me in another chair, and when I sat down, He grabbed my hands and smiled. “I’ve been waiting for you. You have been careful and troubled about many things, but this is your one thing. And from this place, I will direct you to the others, as they become necessary. If you will spend your life here, I will take care of the rest. I will do for you what you cannot do. I will provide for you and will send others to help. True fruitfulness, which you have not yet known, will emerge from this place.” I nodded in agreement. The Father still stood behind me, and Holy Spirit swirled around us in a whirlwind. “What do I do here?” I asked. “Just be with Me. Just talk with Me. From this place, I will show you what you need to see, and I will take you where you need to go. We will do great exploits together. Ask Me your questions, and I will answer. Ask for Wisdom, and it will be poured out. Ask Me to align your heart and life with Mine, and I will do so.” So, I chose to spend my life in this way, with Him, here in this place. I asked for Wisdom and asked Him to align my heart and life with His. I continued to sit face to face with the Beautiful One. His hands were around my hands, and I could see and feel the nail scars. 

Next week, I’ll show you exactly where this Secret Place is in the Word and will show you that it is for YOU! It is one of the limitless “mansions” in the Father’s heart that we have been given access to by the blood of the Lamb. Next week, I will also share about a completely different Secret Place…one where you never leave and one where you access supernatural protection and provision. 

I hope that this has encouraged you to invest your life in the Secret Place, where true fruitfulness and eternal reward await you. May you feel His heart drawing you past the chaos and shallow distraction surrounding you. Remember… more is accomplished here in one moment than in years of heavy, earthly labor. And remember… heaven’s resources are at your disposal there…in the Secret Place. 

Until next time,

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