The Oil of Kings

Today in my King’s Classroom, Wisdom took me to Matthew 25, the parable of the 10 virgins. I immediately noticed that it was sandwiched between 2 other passages about stewardship, and this parable itself is about responsibility. Five of the maidens were foolish and ill-prepared because they didn’t consider that the bridegroom might take longer to arrive than expected, so they didn’t bring extra oil. The other five maidens were wise and sensible and did not give their oil of intimacy or their life energy to those who did not proactively prepare and think / plan ahead.
When Jesus said to “take no thought for your life,” in Matthew 6:25-34, He is not saying we should neglect to prepare and plan. He is merely addressing fear, worry, doubt and anxiety – orphan thinking.
We are not orphans but sons… and kings. And kings rule and reign… proactively stewarding and multiplying, ever-increasing for the glory of His name and the advancement of His kingdom!
Today I am thankful for My Bridegroom who prepared a place for me in the Father’s heart. I am thankful for Holy Spirit, who, moment by moment fills me with His oil and His breath of life. I am thankful for Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Might, Knowledge, the Fear of the Lord and the Spirit of the Lord, who are the most patient of mentors. I am thankful for the classrooms and counsel rooms of heaven that are filled with keys and strategies to help me learn and grow. And I am thankful for my Father pouring out such grace as He watches over me, smiling…

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