His Wings, A Portal

Often during worship, I see His wings come and overshadow me.  The Father is inviting me to come and find shelter in that secret, “Psalm 91” place, just like when Jesus called for Jerusalem to gather under the safety of His wings.  Under His wings I find protection, provision, nurture and healing.  I have also discovered that this place is a portal, an open door into another realm.  I can enter that portal and be hidden to the enemy…. and can also literally be hidden in the natural realm!

David prayed in Psalm 17:8, “Hide me in the shadow of your wings.”  He understood that the shadow of His wings is the dark cloud that surrounds Him (Psalm 97:2)… dark in comparison to the radiance of His countenance.

I began to realize that He is giving me this revelation/encounter in seed form, and that my job is simply to nurture the seed by staying nestled under His wings in intimacy and worship – by faith.  In time, this seed will grow to maturity, and I will literally be able to be physically hidden, just as Jesus was when He walked through the crowd.  

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