The Epic TRANSITION: You are Here!

I did an interview today with Bernadette Joy Elder and the Kingdom Age Lifestyle crew, and it was so rich (and so much fun) that I wanted to share it with you. I also wanted to let people know these folks are out there. Isn’t it amazing how the Father is knitting the hearts of little groups of people together to form a net of light, ready for the harvest!!

You may have watched my YouTube video called A Holy Shift. Well, what I shared on this interview could be considered part 2 of that teaching. Build upon the foundation of that revelation, we are learning more about the shift we’re in by dissecting the last time a transition this huge happened on planet earth: the advent of our Messiah, Yeshua. In this teaching, I will share the Father’s objectives for this season, how to stay in alignment with Him, how to untangle from the world systems which are even now being dismantled and how to birth the new wineskin through Spirit-breathed prayer and groaning. I hope you enjoy it.

Click here for video: Kingdom Age Lifestyle interview

Really, it is a glorious time to be alive!

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