Reclaiming the Treasures of Darkness

During a recent time of intercession, God gave us some revelation that we believe to be key for the entire body of Christ during this season. Please join us in declaring these things over your lives…

The Lord says that, though we may have been pushed back recently, we will advance fiercely! We saw the scales of justice and knew that what has pushed us back will propel us exponentially forward, that what has come against us one way will flee before us 7 ways (Deut. 28:7).

He began speaking to our intercessory team from Isaiah 45:3, “I will give you the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places…. We knew this to be the reclaiming of things belonging to God that have been stolen by the forces of darkness for generations. Corporately, though His church has crossed over into our Promised Land, we are at Gilgal, having our hearts circumcised so that we do not idolize these treasures or lose focus on the King. The Father then gave us a huge, glowing white “master key.” We felt literal weight as He placed it in our hands. The key then turned into a sword.

The Holy Spirit reminded us that, several weeks earlier, He had us decree that we were no longer on the defensive but on the offensive. He led us to declare that again, and we realized that this revelation is the key: We are no longer victims but overcomers, no longer slaves but rulers, no longer on the defensive but on the offensive—advancing deep into territory that has been occupied by darkness. The Holy Spirit reminded us that, throughout the book of Joshua, the occupants of the Promised Land said that their hearts were faint because of the Israelites. God showed us that the enemy is afraid of us!

He clothed us with the Spirit of Might, and we saw the scales of justice again, this time representing His Spirits of Counsel and Might.

Then, the Father took us into a treasure room where there was a long table with a black velvet table cloth. On the table were displayed many artifacts representing things that have been stolen or usurped by the enemy but that rightfully belong to us. Satan was there, mocking. The only item I clearly distinguished was a very large diamond. (When we first started praying, we had found a tiny diamond in an empty chair and called it a firstfruit of what is to come).

Then God spoke to us out of Daniel 2—about the stone cut without hands. It destroyed the image in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, and then became a mountain which filled the whole earth. This Bible prophecy speaks of Christ the Messiah and the manifested sons of God, who will rise and take their place, ushering in the kingdom of God forever. Satan knows this prophecy, and realizes that it has begun. This is why he is afraid.

So, let us declare together:… We are on the offense as we take our Promised Land and reclaim the treasures of darkness. The enemy is afraid of us!

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