Multiplicity & Jumpstart Update

Before we dive into this week’s revelation,I want to give a quick update on Jumpstart 2023. If you joined us during the month of January, you can attest to the fact that the encounters we received were profound and the growth in people’s lives was astounding! People experienced such spiritual breakthrough and acceleration that they asked to continue. So… we decided to do a Zoom call every Tuesday at 6:00 am EST, under a new name: Tekhelet Restored.

The last Tuesday of each month will be the same format, where we pray in the Spirit for 15 minutes, silently encounter the Lord for 15 minutes and then share. The other Tuesdays will be geared toward training, equipping, answering questions and helping people to remove everything blocking them from intimately knowing God and enjoying the heavenly realm. Even if you did not join us in January, you are still welcome to jump in and to invite your friends. But please honor these guidelines:
1. Feel free to invite people you know, but do not post on social media. 
2. Please do not invite those who are argumentative or contentious. 
3. Please begin with your video ON. 
4. Please have your audio ON for praying in the Spirit and OFF for the encounter time. 

Tuesday March 21st will be a roundtable, where you can ask your questions and also share Scripture and your experiences to help answer the questions of others. To join, just log in to Zoom, with Meeting ID: 876 5184 0775 and Passcode: 096061. Or use this LINK

Did you know that you’re multidimensional?

There is a place in the heavenly realm where I have gone for years. There, I worship the Lord on a beautiful, black grand piano. I always see Him standing there, smiling, breathing in the fragrance of my love and of my heart. You can imagine my surprise one day when worship welled up so strong inside of me that I began dancing before Him, too. Suddenly, because my heart was too full for one aspect of worship to express, there were two of me worshipping with all my “hearts.” At first, I was baffled. Then I was concerned, because for years, I have worked with individuals deeply fragmented by traumas we were never created to endure. And I have learned that we all are fragmented in some way simply because of the fall and the resulting separation from God.

As He has with every spiritual classroom, the Father was looking on with pleasure. He knows the bewilderment of awakening and becoming who we already are, and He so patiently and tenderly explained to me that I was not fragmented here. I was multidimensional. At salvation, I became one spirit with Him (I Corinthians 6:17). In Him, I am outside of time and am no longer subject to its limitations, so I can participate in multiple dimensions simultaneously. This is not the omnipresence that only God can manifest, but it is a fruit of the restoration of our original design, which flows out of our oneness with Him. That was years ago, and, though I have never forgotten it, I have not understood how to utilize the power of my multidimensional nature, which was lost in Adam and restored in Christ…. until now.

Several days ago, I was praying with a group of friends, and Holy Spirit showed me that anytime I worship or pray or engage with anything in the realm of the Spirit, I can leave a “me” there as a marker. This “me” remains there in that place doing what I am doing throughout all eternity, if I do so with intent. Being consciously aware of these things ushers that reality into the realm of earth, but in a state of singularity, it is impossible to remember, maintain and remain in all these places at once. So, an awareness of my multidimensional nature combined with purposeful intent to BE in all these places, allows me to reap the benefits of a life of continual encounter. 

The cry of my heart since I first read The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence has been to abide in Him all the time… sweet, unbroken fellowship that does not waver even when I am engaged in mundane, earthly activity. I have not always been successful at this endeavor, soaring high when I have hours of uninterrupted time for prayer, worship and encounter and becoming distracted and dry when the cares of life are crashing in upon me. Brother Lawrence only talked about keeping the posture of the heart fixed on God in the midst of duty, which is of course the most important thing. But now, Holy Spirit has given me another key.

Perhaps you, too, feel overwhelmed with too many things clamoring for your time and attention. Maybe you have felt scattered, like you’re doing so many things that you’re not doing anything well. Maybe you have even felt a bit of confusion in your time with the Lord, because there are so many different things to do and to practice and so many different places to go and things to engage with in the Spirit. Like me, maybe you have been trying to maintain all these natural responsibilities and spiritual disciplines out of singularity instead of realizing that, in Christ, you are multidimensional. 

Those accessing the spirit realm illegally can only astral travel while attached to the silver cord. And they can only fragment the human soul. But because of what Christ has done for us, we can be WHOLE in multiple dimensions… as many dimensions as we grow into the ability to steward, I suppose. This is just another example of how much better the real is than the counterfeit!

Here is how I’ve begun to apply this powerful revelation. Perhaps it will help you, too:
By faith, I stepped back into every encounter I have ever had, whether I remember it now or not. Then I allowed Holy Spirit to turn my attention to various encounters I have had and places I have gone in the heavenly realm: the River of Life, the Ancient Paths, my heavenly worship room, the Father’s heart, various counsel rooms, war rooms and courtrooms in the heavenly realm. As He led me, I went back into that encounter by faith and with intent, I left a “me” there to continue in that place forever, trusting Holy Spirit to turn my consciousness there as He wills. Before the revelation of multiplicity, I thought of my life of encounter as going “in and out” of the spirit realm, but now I find it easier to grasp the reality that I am always there, simply turning my consciousness there to receive its benefits.

And He raised us up together with Him [when we believed], and seated us with Him in the heavenly places, [because we are] in Christ Jesus

-Ephesians 2:6, AMP

I hope that this revelation has enlightened your understanding and has enlarged your grid for what is possible in Him. I hope that it has given you practical, tangible ideas for stepping into and remaining in your own life of limitless, unbroken encounter with the Living God. And I’d love to hear your testimonies of how this simple yet powerful faith step has unlocked the realm of heaven into your earth.

Happy encountering!

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