Honor and Longevity

I think we’re all sensing that the body of Christ, as well as the entire cosmos, is in a huge and very strategic transition. If you missed my teaching where I talk about this transition from both a scientific and a Scriptural perspective, check it out: A HOLY SHIFT

This transition is also pictured in the multidimensional prophecy of Revelation 12, where we see Israel giving birth to the Son of God and the church giving birth to the sons of God. If you missed that teaching, you can catch up here: BIRTHING THE SONS: REVELATION 12

Just as with the supernatural births of both Isaac and John the Baptist, the dead womb of the old supernaturally births the new, by Divine design. To walk through this transition victoriously, we must hold fast to eternal principles while simultaneously letting go of the superficial, external manifestation of those principles. And only by His Spirit can we do that! We are created for connection with God and one another, but that connection is morphing as religious systems are being dismantled by the Father’s hand and as the face of the church rapidly changes. We see from Revelation 12 that the dragon sits at the mouth of the womb of the new, seeking to devour the Seed / seed.

Some of you may have attended or watched the “Beyond the Veil” conference in beautiful Morristown, Tennessee last weekend. It was a powerful birthing of the new in individuals as well as in the region, and the Father poured out the sweetness of His presence as He wove a seamless oneness in our midst. At one point, a young man stood up to share how the Father enabled him to walk in love and honor as he made his exodus from the religious system.

Immediately, the Father began to connect dots, reminding me of all the ways He has instructed me to do the same… to love His people, even while untangling from religion and while refusing to bow the knee to a religious spirit. He began to remind me that the sonship movement was birthed from the dead womb of the church age and that the dragon, which is embodied in both lucifer and leviathan, seeks to devour that seed, if we open the door to it through pride and dishonor.

In stark contrast, we see the blessing promised where there is honor:

Honor your father and mother, which is the first commandment with promise: that it may be well with you and you may live long on the earth.

-Ephesians 6:2-3, NKJV

If we honor our spiritual mothers and fathers, those who have gone before us, and those on whose foundations we are now building, I believe that the sonship movement will not be cut short, but will have the longevity necessary to fulfill everything the Father has destined for us in the “restoration of all things.”

It is easy to trade with judgment, mockery and dishonor in the untangling process. And sometimes it is challenging to know the difference between false judgment, which is demonic in nature and which opens the door to the adversary, and true godly judgment, which is the fruit as well as the job of mature sons. To help you in knowing the difference, here is an audio teaching that you may find helpful: REIGNING THROUGH RIGHTEOUS JUDGMENT

So let’s be mindful to walk in love and honor as we step into our promised land and as we enjoy the glories of this new day!

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