Heavenly Victory

Today, I want to share a short but powerful spiritual encounter that helped remind me to deal with things from my place of authority in the heavenly realm rather than from the earth.

In this encounter, I saw an eagle carrying a snake high up in the atmosphere and then dropping it to the earth to its death. I then entered a heavenly counsel room where I saw more snakes, and I realized that they were not only demonic beings but were also demonic umbilical cords. As I “ascended,” every ungodly umbilical cord that had been holding me back immediately snapped. Yeshua was sitting at the table and said, “This counsel room is always available to you. Deal with situations here, not in the earth realm. Here, you will find freedom and will be victorious. Every time you try to deal with them in only the earth realm, you will become more deeply entangled. Every time you judge with the mind of man, you wrap the snake around you one more time. Refrain from thinking your own thoughts, feeling your own feelings and speaking your own words. Hold yourself back and do all your thinking, feeling and speaking up here where the air is clear and where you will receive Divine strategy that flows from our place of oneness”

Then I saw all the sons of God on our respective mountains. We appeared as diamonds and were spinning as we danced with Him. His light was shining through us as a rainbow prism, and each one of the rainbow colors was impacting a particular mountain and was doing something individual and very specific in the earth realm. The colors, of course, also correlated to the 7 Spirits of God. The light of God flowing through His sons in unity with His 7 Spirits created a fiery Rainbow River, that was cleansing corruption and making all things new.

Be encouraged. And remember… whatever you are facing today, deal with it from above, where there is perfect clarity and absolute victory!

Until next time,

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