Ha! Ha! Ha!

We are living in a Psalm 2 moment in history, one where the “kings of this earth” really have gathered to break away from God in an attempt to become their own god. Psalm 2: 4 tells us that “He who sits in the heavens will laugh” at their plans. That, of course, is God, but it is also His sons who are seated with Him in heavenly places.

So much is swirling in our world today that it is easy to lose your sense of peace. We must realize that world systems are falling apart by Divine design. He is shaking those things that can be shaken (Hebrews 12:27) in order to establish His kingdom, which will never be shaken. Truly, there is a changing of the guard. Just like the children of Israel displaced the inhabitants of their promised land, so the sons of God are displacing those who have occupied various mountains and spheres of creation until we were mature enough to govern them. ALL things are created by Him and for Him (Colossians 1:16), and now by His decree, these ungodly ones must step down as the sons of God take our place. We must not fear or be shaken. Rather we must walk in bold confidence in God and in His ability to lead, guide and empower us as we seek His face.

In a recent gathering, we were legislating these things, when the Lord dropped into my spirit a Divine strategy. Along with our decrees and declarations, we were to join Him in laughing at the shortsighted plans of these earthly kings. So we did. On purpose. All of us. Out loud. And it was powerful!

Perhaps these evil schemes might have worked had we continued doing church as usual…. but they did not factor in the arising of the sons! So, do not fear. Do not be shaken. Be strong and courageous, for He has given us the land. Today, from your place of dominion in the heavenly realm, release the laugh that is both your Father’s and your own.

And if you’d like musical accompaniment to your holy laugh, here’s a free music download from Psalm 2 that you might enjoy. It’s called Kiss the Son. Click HERE

And, to find it on YouTube, click HERE


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May you be blessed to overflowing….

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