We Elohim’d It!

Once a month, a small group of us gather together to legislate, judging earthly matters from the heavenly realm. We are learning to operate as His “elohim.” After one particularly powerful and sobering time of issuing a “Psalm 2” warning, urging those in positions of earthly power to “kiss the Son,” someone blurted out, “We eholim’d it!” The phrase just stuck… And, yes, we did! The Hebrew word “Elohim” is defined as “rulers, judges, divine ones, angels or godlike ones.” Elohim first refers to Father, Son and Holy Spirit creating together in the beginning, but this same word can also be used of you when you create with Him, functioning out of your union with Him, made possible by the work of Christ on the cross! … Continue readingWe Elohim’d It!