Eternal vs Temporal & Countdown to Christmas Week 3: Free Garden In My Heart book

Last week, I shared about a trading platform in the heavenly realm where we all trade all the time, whether we realize it or not. I was longing for clarity concerning how to prioritize and what to invest my time and life in, and Wisdom revealed five specific criteria to determine whether something is a 30-fold, 60-fold or 100-fold investment. None of these criteria were new revelation per se, and they were all very, very simple. Yet, when woven together as a framework to gauge the value (or lack of value) of every moment, the effects were profound. And choices became so much clearer.

The first criteria is simply… Is It Eternal or Temporal?
Things like houses, jobs, cars, food and clothes are only temporal, so they get a 30-fold score. Matthew 6 reminds us that the Father knows we need temporal things. And stewardship of the things He entrusts to us does carry value. But the more temporary something is, the less true value that thing holds.

People are eternal beings living in a temporal form, so investing in people gets a 60-fold score. “Ministry” is the same, in that it involves eternal principles manifesting in temporal, ever-changing forms. True intimacy and friendship with God, walking with Him as Enoch walked, has a 100-fold score, because He IS eternal and unchanging. And, of course, when we walk in intimate friendship with God, He takes care of our temporal needs and He ministers through us in the perfect way at the perfect time, producing eternal fruit.

Obviously, outright sin and rebellion have negative scores, because they actually serve to devour the resources (time, life, energy) we have all been given by God as a gift when we enter time from eternity.

Again, I know this is simple and painfully obvious. But, during this season of hustle and bustle, when we are tempted to focus on material things a bit more than usual, remember that, if your life is devoured by 30-fold and 60-fold things that choke out the 100-fold, you will have fewer crowns to lay at His feet. And that is the point of it all…

Next week, we’ll talk a little about the value of your resonant frequency. So, stay tuned!

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I’ll see you next week… with more revelation from the trading floor and another Countdown to Christmas special!

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