Co-Creating & The Supernatural, part 2

I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of Co-Creating & The Supernatural on my dear friend, Bralynn Newby’s show, Spirit-Centered Business. If so, you can catch Part 2 now on:

Don’t you just love Bralynn’s gift of making the spiritual practical in order to see supernatural results? In part 2, Bralynn and I continue the conversation about manifesting God’s plan for your life. We talk about quantum mechanics and how it connects with solid Scriptural foundations. Who doesn’t want to bring heaven to earth? In this interview, you’ll glean these GOLD NUGGETS, plus more: 

  • You’ll learn some quantum mechanics enabling you to bring things from the spiritual realm into the physical realm.
  • The relationship you have with God as a new believer will not look the same as the one you have as a maturing son.
  • When God pulls back to wean us as we grow and mature, it can feel like abandonment.
  • We have been saved, redeemed, justified and sanctified. We are being saved, redeemed, justified and sanctified. And we shall be saved, redeemed, justified and sanctified. Learn what this process may look like in your spiritual life.
  • Our maturation is an expansion of our oneness with God.
  • The world has tapped into some spiritual truths God created, but the church doesn’t talk about them much… yet!
  • We are a transition generation, so our mindsets are shifting so quickly with new revelation that it can be disorienting.

It was Bralynn that helped me to make my dream of an online Miracles Are Normal course a reality. Remember that you can purchase it HERE

And be sure to check out all her other amazing tools to activate the supernatural in your business, your ministry and your life!


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