The Waterfall of Divine Justice

We know from Psalm 89:14 that righteousness and justice are the foundation of God’s throne. The Passion Translation says it this way: 

Your glorious throne rests on a foundation of righteousness and just verdicts. Grace and truth are the attendants who go before you.

-Psalm 89:14, TPT

Revelation 22:1 tells us that the River of Life actually pours from the Throne of God. We looked at these passages earlier, but let’s look at them again in another translation. 

There, I witnessed the glory of the God of Israel storming from the east. His voice thundered like a great waterfall. The entire earth reflected His shining glory.

-Ezekiel 43:2, Voice

His feet gleamed like brightly polished bronze, purified to perfection in a furnace; His voice filled the air and sounded like a roaring waterfall.

-Revelation 1:15, Voice

Putting this all together, we see that God’s verdicts of righteousness and justice (His words) are the very foundation of His throne (the seat of His authority and dominion). They flow as a mighty waterfall, feeding the Rivers of God and filling the earth. 

But let justice flow like a river and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.

-Amos 5:24, NOG

I have encountered the voice of the Lord as a mighty waterfall, and that encounter marked my emergence from a difficult season the Lord called my “sifting.” One day, God said to me, Your season of sifting is over. Now you must demand justice! The word “demand” shook my paradigms, because I did not yet understand the legal system of God, and the thought of making demands of Him was very uncomfortable. Over the next month, this exact word was confirmed to me, verbatim, by three different people who knew absolutely nothing of what God had said to me. 

I had experienced spiritual “wilderness” seasons, which, though difficult, resonated with the sweetness of His presence. But there had been no sweetness in the sifting, and now He was showing me why. As He explained the difference between a wilderness and a sifting, He showed me that both Job and Peter had been sifted and that this process involved the adversary himself being the author of their afflictions, though it filtered through His hands. I began to understand that the adversary is a gambler. With the Father’s permission, he “steals, kills and destroys” (John 10:10), gambling that we will “curse God and die” (Job 2:9). His claim is that we only love and serve God because of His blessings and that we will become offended and quit. But, just as with Peter, Jesus is ever interceding for us, and, when the time of sifting is over, if we have not quit, His justice is released on our behalf. Then, as we receive “double for our trouble,” it is worse for the adversary, causing him to regret ever having touched us, just as he regretted the cross. 

But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, the hidden wisdom which God ordained before the ages for our glory, which none of the rulers of this age knew; for had they known, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.

-I Corinthians 2:7-8, NKJV

God’s wisdom and justice triumph every time!

Several years after He spoke to me of His justice for my sifting, I was walking with the Father on the Ancient Paths, and He said to me, 

You chose to eat from My hand, and you chose rightly. Your choice was tested, and you stood firm. Now you will be filled to overflowing with My never-ending supply.  And you will see that no one could ever out-give Me. Prepare to see the scales of My justice tip on your behalf. First, you will receive this torrent of justice on your behalf and then it will flow through you into the earth as you rule and reign in My name. Get ready for righteousness and justice to rain down upon you. Get ready for the rain of My justice and the rain of My mercy and the rain of My glory to overtake you. You will not swim, but you will not drown. And My mercy and kindness and generosity will be displayed in the lives of those whose hearts are tender toward Me.

I then saw the scales of His justice tip, and His Justice, as a fierce, raging waterfall poured out upon me, demolishing everything that stood in its way. I began to understand that mercy is for the guilty, but justice is for the righteous. Holy Spirit reveals sin and iniquity, we repent and apply the blood of Yeshua to that sin and are made righteous. Then we are qualified (through no merit of our own) to receive justice. This is why justice is paired with righteousness and why they, together, are the foundation of His throne. Justice it is a fierce, mighty, unstoppable torrent that no demon, nor hell itself can stand against. His voice is like “the sound of many waters” because He is decreeing, in ultimate authority, His justice on your behalf! 

Any injustice you have experienced is UNTO your overcoming and subsequent exponential authority. Today, just receive His decrees of justice, allowing them overtake you like a rushing torrent. Next week, we’ll talk more about how you can “demand justice” by using your voice to echo His voice in the earth…

So…stay tuned 🙂

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