The Eagle & The Wind

In a recent encounter, I was dancing with Yeshua. He was holding me close, and I was just following His lead, as we swayed gently. We both stretched out our arms and then suddenly we were eagles soaring through the air. I didn’t yet see where we were. My focus was just on me, the small eagle, flying close beneath Him, the larger and most glorious of all eagles. At first, I was seeing in 3rd person. Then I entered into it and could feel the pressure of His wings upon me. I could feel the crisp, clean air on my face and had a very definite sensation of soaring. Then I realized that I was not seeing where we were because I had my eyes closed, just enjoying the experience. He said,

This is what it feels like to soar above it all, moved only by My Spirit, riding the wings of the wind. 

I became very aware that the wind was my friend… both Ruach and the element, which I have recently become acquainted with. Holy Spirit spoke clearly to me that I needed to “learn the ways of the wind.” I responded, “I submit to Your tutelage, my Friend, the Wind.” Holy Spirit continued,

My breath is ever present throughout creation. It is vital for every being’s sustenance yet does not call attention to itself. Wind guides, directs, and supports the flight of beings in the air, yet without constraint. It can be as fierce as it is gentle, as it proceeds forth from the mouth of the Father. My breath is both in and around you. In the beginning I brooded over the void, creating, just as I am brooding over you right now. I have not forgotten you, nor have I neglected to fulfill the word of the Father. Remember… we are outside of time. Time is IN Me. 

Then He reminded me that He renews our youth AS THE EAGLE! 

You satisfy my every desire with good things. 
You’ve supercharged my life so that I soar again 
like a flying eagle in the sky!
-Psalm 103:5, TPT

This beautiful encounter is an invitation to you, too… to dance with the Wind and to receive supernatural renewal of youth.

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Until next time,

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