The Counsel Rooms of Heaven

Have you ever felt that you were in an impossible situation or that you were facing a problem that had no solution? We often FEEL that way on planet earth. But as born-from-above sons of God, we have access to the resources of the heavenly realm, so there are no impossible situations or unsolvable problems for us. Answers that elude us here are clear and readily available in our heavenly home. When Yeshua’s flesh was torn, the veil was torn from top to bottom, and now there is no separation between us and the Father or between earth and heaven.

In the heavenly realm, there are counsel chambers – literal counsel rooms where there are Divine solutions, blueprints, answers, creativity, witty inventions, resources and ideas. Everything that we need to live the victorious Christian life and to govern the earth realm is waiting for us there.

When the Father was first teaching me this, I found myself in the midst of a very difficult situation, where I had walked in presumption rather than inquiring of Him. After repenting, breaking agreement and dealing with all the places of agreement with the adversary in me, the Father whisked me into a heavenly counsel room. Father, Yeshua and Holy Spirit were all there, along with Wisdom and numerous other heavenly beings – some of whom I was familiar with and some whom were new to me. The Father outlined a brilliant and strange (to me) strategy to deal with this seemingly unsolvable problem and then slammed a huge book closed, as if to say “It is done!” I came into agreement with His strategy and then spoke it aloud, creating a place of agreement in the earthly realm. Within days, the problem was dealt with in the most miraculous and peaceful way… something that had seemed impossible before.

Sometimes, when facing a challenge, I still catch myself feeling like a victim of circumstance. But with each glorious victory, I am becoming quicker and quicker to enter the counsel rooms and courts of heaven, choosing to go with my will and entering through the gate of my imagination.

These resources (and infinitely more) are the things lost in Adam, which have been restored to us in Christ, and it delights Him each time we partake in the reward of His suffering. It really is the Father’s good pleasure to give us His kingdom! So, what are you waiting for? Enter in!

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