The Fibonacci Spiral of Creation

Suddenly, I found myself standing before a Fibonacci spiral, which I later learned is called the “golden spiral.” It is created by drawing circular arcs connecting opposite corners of squares. The Fibonacci sequence can be found in every level of creation… from spiral galaxies to sea shells, and from Saturn to living cells. This mathematical equation is one where each new number is the sum of the two previous ones. In this sense, the new is continuously created from the old. Nothing is disconnected. Nothing is wasted. Nothing is ever lost. So, what I am co-creating with God now is the sum of everything I have done, everything I have failed to do, everything I have repented for, everything that He has redeemed and even the time which has passed. Each new day is nothing but an opportunity to create what exists only in the spiritual realm out of what has, up to this point, existed in the natural realm… even in the form of missed opportunities. The spiral only gets larger. In this way, every time an opportunity is missed, when it cycles back around, it is larger. There is no such thing as total loss except in the form of quitting. … Continue readingThe Fibonacci Spiral of Creation