Spirit On The Outside

We are designed in such a way that body follows soul, which follows spirit. So, at the fall, in a sense, we imploded. Our spirits died, and death began working its way out into the soul and ultimately the body. The good news is that this pattern works the same way at salvation, when we are made alive, and the life of God begins working its way out into the soul and body. The degree to which our souls are transformed is the degree to which our bodies are transfigured!

Recently, I had an encounter where my soul left my body, and I saw that it was surrounded by another body of brilliant, white light — my spirit body. My spirit, in turn, was enveloped by a translucent bubble of Holy Spirit. I remember looking back at my physical body with love, yet I felt so free to no longer be confined to its limitations. I heard myself exclaim, “I was born for this!”

As a believer, your made-alive-in-Christ spirit functions as a container for your soul, and Holy Spirit functions as a container for your spirit. Those practicing the occult, on the other hand, do not have Holy Spirit, nor do they have a living spirit, so they must use the container of a
demonic spirit, making soul travel and astral projection very dangerous.

In this encounter, I got a taste of what it is like to function according to my original design. Could it be that before the fall, spirit was on the outside, housing soul, which housed body? The human body can defy the limits of fallen earth when it is inside soul, which is inside spirit, which is inside Holy Spirit. Quite literally…

…in Him we live and move and have our being! –Acts 17:28, NKJV

Next week, we’ll explore this further, and you’ll learn that, as you are turned right side out, restored to your original design, your physical body will no longer be a prisoner of the laws and limitations of earth. It is possible for you, as a spirit being, by faith, to overshadow your physical body and to take it into heaven for supernatural renewal. 

See you then!

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