Restoring Your Will Gate

In your God-journey, you will encounter exciting seasons where you enter new classrooms and experience new life, seasons where God is planting precious seeds in you. You will also experience winter seasons, where the seeds planted in previous seasons must fall into the ground and die in order to multiply. During winter seasons, the mind may fail to comprehend His ways, and you might feel like everything except an overcomer. It may even be difficult to imagine an end to the suffering. But the will can still choose to keep saying yes. This is not raw, empty, fleshly willpower. It is your will coming into agreement with your spirit who is one spirit with God. It is passion-fueled resilience that, when faced with the temptation to quit, cries, “To whom shall I go?”

So Jesus said to the twelve [disciples], “You do not want to leave too, do you?” Simon Peter answered, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You [alone] have the words of eternal life [you are our only hope].” –John 6:67-68, AMP

A number of years ago, I was walking on the Ancient Paths with the Father, and He said, Let’s work on your will gate today. There has been much damage done to it over the years, much usurping, much trading. Your YES is strong, and it pleases Me that you are wholeheartedly Mine. But you are often defeated because your NO is weak. Now, we must strengthen this gate. We must get your NO back.

Suddenly, we were descending together into a place in the spirit realm that I know as “the depths.” We entered satan’s trophy room, and I saw my NO, which had been taken captive by a spirit of control. I saw other spirits who had joined the spirit of control in this assignment: fear, fear of man, false guilt, false responsibility, shame, condemnation and victim-thinking. They all had their specific parts to play in this stronghold and in stealing and guarding my gatekeeper mantle. I specifically saw the spirit of fear, who was huge and grotesque. Control, who was by his side, was a subordinate, about half his size. Fear and control were handcuffed together and seemed to always work in tandem. The Father was still with me, but was more of an observer, allowing me to deal with this, because He knew I knew what to do. And He knew that my dealing with this was part of the actual restoration of my will. First, I went into the heavenly court of accusation to break all agreements, alliances and contracts with these spirits, both in my life and in my bloodline. I repented for trading with them and broke my agreements, releasing the fire of God to burn up every legal document giving the adversary a place of agreement in me. A verdict was rendered on my behalf, and I was given new documents. From there I went into the angelic court and handed the verdict scroll to a very tall, glowing angel wearing a bright white garment. He was exuding the Father’s light and love, and smiled as I handed over the scroll, as if to say he was glad I had finally come for this. Immediately, two smaller angels with wings came on either side of me, lifting me up and carrying me to the Trading Floor, where I traded a demonic spirit of fear for the Fear of the Lord. Then, the Father said:

You must count the cost, dear one, for with this trade, the road becomes very narrow. The Fear of the Lord will now be your constant companion, just as the demonic spirit of fear had been. This will require constant yielding, and that yielding will overshadow the weakness in your will. Saying YES to Me will cause you to say NO to many other things, some of them very good things.

I then went with the Father and the Fear of the Lord to my will gate. When I had seen this gate for the first time several years earlier, it had been practically nonexistent. Much work had been done since then, but it was still in need of repair. The Father and I placed the Fear of the Lord in that gate, and I knew that, together, we would finish rebuilding it.

Several months later, I was in the Spirit and saw Yeshua on His throne. He extended His hand to me, seated me on a throne to His right, as His queen and said to me, You are at the mercy of nothing or no one. You are under the dominion of nothing, unless you choose to be. This will require a rebuilding and restructuring of your will. You must be rewired for dominion.

I immediately knew that the Seven Spirits of God would be preparing me, as Esther had been prepared.

…At Your right hand stands the queen in gold from Ophir. The royal daughter is all glorious within the palace; Her clothing is woven with gold. She shall be brought to the King in robes of many colors… –Psalm 45:9, 13-14, NKJV

Though this was a very personal experience, I believe it also applies to the entire body of Christ, as we learn to be who we truly already are: ones who rule and reign.

As a spirit being who is seated with Christ in heavenly places, you can choose to turn your attention to the spirit realm where you, too, can take a look at your will gate. You might see that it is occupied by a demonic spirit of rebellion or that it is totally broken down. Just yield to the Spirit of Truth and follow Him in the specific strategy of restoration and liberation He has for you. Repent for any ways you have traded with rebellion or passivity. Ask the Father to heal your wounds, to rebuild the walls around your life and to restore your will gate, so that you can govern your life in a healthy way. Enthrone Yeshua as King over that gate and over your whole being. And watch your world begin to shift… from the inside out, from glory to glory! Pray this with me now:

Father, I invite You to come and do Your work of healing and restoration in my will gate. I
renounce and break agreement with any alliances I have made with the adversary, and I ask for Your holy fire to burn away all defilement and the residue of every ungodly trade I have made, knowingly or unknowingly. I forgive any who have negatively influenced my will gate, including any in my bloodline. I ask You to judge the demonic realm, rendering a verdict on my behalf. I yield my will fully to You and set You in this gate as King of my life. I ask You to rebuild all parts of this gate that have been torn down, strengthening my YES and strengthening my NO. I say yes to being Your gate of heaven, the place through which Your glory flows, filling the earth!

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Happy co-creating!

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