Preparation for Visitation

I kept singing, “My eyes have seen the King in His beauty, in the place where His glory dwells.”  Then I found myself in the Spirit in a large hall.  The hall was empty except for me, and I could hear my footsteps echoing as I walked closer and closer.  I knew that the emptiness was because I can take nothing with me into that place – no other person, no ego, agenda or pride, no credentials or accomplishments, no desires of my own.  So I laid down all of my own desires, so that I could drink from His River of Desire.  It was a hard trade.  Then I realized that this place was the Trading Floor, on the Sea of Glass before His throne.  I had been here before, but never knew where I was.  I laid down on the Trading Floor giving my whole being, losing my life to find it.  I had the sense that I would be like the Queen of Sheba when she beheld the majesty of Solomon and “had no more spirit in her.”

The Lord then revealed to me that fragmentation and disassociation have been part of the human condition since the fall.  But as we are made whole, we will be co-conscious of both realms – no longer divided, able to move seamlessly.

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