Painting His Picture

I often go to a place in the heavenly realm, where I worship the Lord on a beautiful, black grand piano. The last time I turned my attention to that place, I noticed that I was also dancing before Him. There was another “me” waving supernaturally huge and gorgeous flags, banners and streamers. And there was another “me” lying prostrate at His feet, weeping tears of love and gratitude, washing His feet with them and wiping them with my hair like Mary of Bethany. As a door opened in my chest and golden oil flowed out from my heart, I realized something very obvious that I had just never seen in this way before: my heart is the alabaster box. The anointing flows through a broken heart in ways it cannot otherwise. This is why He treasures our tears, storing them in a bottle (Psalm 56:8). It’s not that He wants us to suffer. It’s that He is delighted when, as Watchman Nee put it, the “outer man” is broken so that His Spirit flowing through our spirit can be released. It is the opposite of the hardness of heart and the wall of separation that Adam chose and passed down to us. Truly, He is near to those with a broken heart. And of course, He heals us. Then we are free to walk in wholeness without the hardness of heart, like Jacob turned Israel, who walked with a limp. 

Beautiful Yeshua smiled, reached down His hand and lifted me up, saying, “Let’s dance.” Our feet became like paint brushes, and everywhere we danced, beautiful colors flowed out… colors I have never seen in the earth before and cannot describe. Then I realized that our “dance floor” was a canvas. It was still in the heavenly realm, but I knew that we were painting something “here” that would be reflected on the earth. 

My vision panned out, and I began to see that this “painting” was living and had the ability to become limitless things in the earth realm… whatever would display Him and accomplish His purposes in every person, location and situation. I kept hearing, “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me.” We were painting His picture!

Remember, heavenly encounters are not for a “super spiritual” few. They are for everyone who has been born from above. When Jesus’ flesh was torn, the veil in the temple was torn from top to bottom to remove the separation between us and the Father, between earth and heaven. As you sit in His presence, yield to whatever Holy Spirit puts His finger on, whether that be healing of emotions, removing of lies, or deliverance from oppression, knowing that limitless glorious encounters await you. It really is the Father’s good pleasure to give you His kingdom. Yes, you.

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