Hearing More Clearly

I was telling the Lord one day that I wanted to hear Him more clearly.  His response was sobering, though infinitely kind and dripping with love and grace:

“The trade for this is total obedience, because you will be held accountable for what you hear.  To whom much is given, much is required.  I speak, in mysteries (parables) to spare those whose hearts are unwilling to obey from receiving harsher judgment.  The trade is to guard your tongue, because I cannot place great authority in your mouth if I cannot trust you to refrain from speaking destruction and cursing yourself or others through negativity, judgment, gossip or criticism.”

If this has pierced your heart as it did mine, pray with me:  “Father, set a guard before my mouth so that You can trust me with the authority to perform the “greater works” You promised.  I receive Your abundant grace to obey You in even the smallest things and to listen to Your slightest whisper.  May I be one that You can trust with Your people and with Your heart.”    

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