Creative Worship

I love the synergy that takes place when we worship with one voice, as one body. In these times, I have seen Jesus breathing in the fragrance of our worship with a smile. I have seen the Father’s ear, as He bent low to hear the song of His creation. Sometimes, He uses a familiar song to enable us to worship in unity and with fervor, but it is in the deeper water of spontaneous worship that we actually co-create with Him. As we leave the shore of familiar notes and chords and lyrics, we launch out into the deep, the unknown, where we are totally dependent upon Him to pour into us something to give back to Him.

Since the very first “Let there be!” He has continued to create. And science has confirmed that the universe is still expanding faster than the speed of light. In these moments of utter dependence, He creates in and through us. The same Spirit that brooded over the void in the beginning is still creating something out of nothing. He creates the music, the dance, the art….. just as He creates an arm, a leg, an eye, a kidney.

As we learn to enter His presence as a child, with nothing to give but our hearts, He will fill our mouths (Psalm 103:5, Psalm 81:10). The songs, declarations and words He releases through us saturate the atmosphere with His creativity. And it is in this atmosphere of creativity that creative miracles are born.

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