Co-Creating & The Supernatural, part 1

I am honored, blessed and excited to have the opportunity to be on my dear friend Bralynn Newby’s show, Spirit-Centered Business.

You will be able to catch the show at or after 7 pm EST on Thursday, May 11th on:

In part 1, you’ll take away these GOLD NUGGETS, plus more:

  • You have to untangle from the old wineskins as you grow and mature, but you take with you the special parts and pieces the Father has for you.
  • Character, surrender, and integrity are foundational principles to take with you in life.
  • Through the jubilee, wilderness, and flex times within the rhythm of creation we can still see God’s love, kindness and mercy in tangible ways.
  • He redeems what we think are mistakes, which may actually be classrooms.
  • When we faithfully steward the dreams, words and visions during classroom seasons, Father will pop you out into the NEXT thing He has for you.
  • The heavenly realms are more real than the physical realm. We haven’t come close to discovering the MORE that Jesus died to give us.
  • Keep a Yes – an unconditional YES – in your heart.
  • Sometimes it’s easier to be a lone ranger, but the anointing is in the community, so it’s worth the work of having grace and patience for each other’s journey.
  • Business is creativity. It’s pulling from heaven and releasing it on earth. We empty our hands of what God gives us, and He’ll fill them with more, keeping the flow from heaven to earth.
  • Be willing to step out and take risks with the Lord in this new Kingdom era. Jump into participating, rather than spectating, and follow where Holy Spirit is leading.
  • The problem of former slaves is they don’t have a master anymore, but they don’t yet know how to govern themselves and steward a promise land.
  • There’s a demonic plan to keep the old mindsets in place. It’s so important to trust the Lord with supernatural faith to shift into the truth of His Kingdom.

I hope you can catch Bralynn’s show, not just this time but every time! Bralynn is a spiritual business coach and trailblazing kingdom warrior who helps entrepreneurs navigate the heavenly business center to get the destiny scroll for their business, and establish it in the spirit realm. Bralynn also works with Holy Spirit to remove blocks, increase productivity and flow, and release resources and heavenly assistance. If you’re ready to go beyond just consuming information and to participate, activate and engage with the supernatural in your business, your ministry or your life, check out Bralynn’s resources and the amazing testimonies:



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