As I began to pray, I saw elaborate plans and formulas being downloaded to me through a circular, open-heaven portal that was well-protected by heavenly beings with flaming swords of fire. It was the mind and heart of the Father being entrusted to me, and it was strategic and “military” in nature – straight from the Captain of the Lord of Hosts. I saw arrows from His heart being sent directly into my heart, enabling me to feel as He feels. I saw arrows from His eyes being sent directly into my eyes, enabling me to see as He sees. I saw arrows from His mind being sent directly into my mind, enabling me to think as He thinks. Every arrow was a bullseye – dead center, accomplishing His will in me, conforming me to the oneness with Him that has been mine since salvation.  

Then I saw His sons standing on our individual and corporate mountains and upon all the mountains of society. Out of our mouths were coming these formulas in the form of decrees. Sometimes the understanding of what we were actually releasing was obscured from us, like when we pray in tongues without the understanding. But as we matured and as our minds became more and more conformed to His mind, we became more aware – more one with Him in understanding and purpose. Our decrees then became arrows “piercing the hearts of His enemies” (Psalm 45:5).  

I had been watching this an an observer, but then began looking out from my eyes as I stood on my mountain. I watched in amazement as these complex strategies flowed from my mouth. Wisdom stepped up quietly behind me, gently reminding me of the responsibility that goes with having such creative power in my tongue (Proverbs 8).  

I then found myself sitting with my Father on our bench in my garden. My head was resting on His chest, and I was listening to the sound of His heartbeat. He began to reiterate Wisdom’s warning. “All power has been given to you in heaven and earth, but the heir, when he is a child, has no more authority than a servant (Galatians 4:1). The true test of maturity is the taming of the tongue (James 3:2). This is why Wisdom and My 7 Spirits have been sent to grow you to maturity (Galatians 4:2).”  

I began to feel the longing of His heart for me to be a mature son and trusted friend, one who can co-create with Him according to the greatness of His mind and not according to the plans of the enemy to destroy myself or others. It was a sobering moment, but also exciting. There was such exhilaration in feeling all that is possible….

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