A Fresh Look at Psalm 23

Sometimes we become so familiar with Scripture that it loses it’s impact.  Recently, the Lord has been teaching me of His nature and His tender care, so of course, I had to revisit Psalm 23.  I looked up each word in Strong’s Concordance, and it came alive to me.  Here is my “translation,” flowing out of those words, along with who He is revealing Himself to be to me right now.

Yahweh is my Shepherd, Ruler, Teacher, Companion and Special Friend.  Because of Him, I never fail, lack, diminish or decrease.  Because He is ever-increasing (Genesis 1; Daniel 2:34-35), I am ever-increasing, too.  This is my original design – lost in Adam, restored in Christ.  He is not a hard taskmaster, but instructs me to rest, allowing me to stop and lie down in green, lush pastures.  He does not drive me, but leads me gently and with great care to waters of quietness where I am filled and refreshed.  He restores my entire life (my inner being, my soul, my mind, my desires, my emotions, my passion, my will and my character), repairing everything that has been damaged, causing me to return to my union with Him and to my original design… and giving me recompense – justice!  He leads and gently guides me on the Ancient Paths of Righteousness and Justice, judging in my favor (because of the cross) and teaching me about His government and His laws, so that I can, in turn, judge in His name… as a picture and a  memorial of Him, making Him famous and glorified in the earth.

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will not fear unpleasant or painful things, because I am never alone.  You are always with me.  We are one.  Your rod of gentle correction, Your scepter of authority and Your staff of support bring me to a place of comfort and closeness that comes as I repent and return to the glory of my original state.

You prepare a king’s table before me, inviting me to feast lavishly right there with my enemies watching.  You anoint my head with oil.  As I submit to Your authority, my own authority and dominion increase abundantly so that I am fruitful.  You govern my mind, protecting me from lies or anything that harasses, distracts or devours.  As Your earthly habitation, I am saturated and filled to overflowing with Your limitless supply of Yourself.  Because of Your goodness, kindness and faithfulness to me, passion, prosperity, bounty, happiness and all good things will chase me down, pursuing me so that I can never get away from them all the days of my life.  My abode and place of belonging is within You.  I am in You, and You are in me.  I am Your child, Your descendent, of Your DNA.  And in You I will stay forever!

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