Miracles Are Normal Writing Journal

I am so excited to announce that the new Miracles Are Normal writing journal is now available! You can order it on my website HERE and on Amazon HERE.

If you’ve read Miracles Are Normal, you know I love journaling! It is a powerful external anchor that helps the miracle that already exists inside of you to manifest on the outside of you. Journaling creates a safe space to release whatever is bubbling up from the depths of your soul. Its pages never judge, criticize or give unsolicited advice. The tangibility of pen and paper helps to enhance your focus and helps your mind not to wander. The act of handwriting itself has been known to bring balance and clarity by increasing neural activity in portions of the brain, similar to meditation. And that’s just what it does in the natural realm alone, not even taking into consideration the revelation Holy Spirit will pour out upon those pages.

The Miracles Are Normal journal is a gorgeous hard cover with a different inspiring quote from Miracles Are Normal on every page! It’s the perfect way to process your thoughts, to incorporate this life-changing revelation into your daily life, and to remind yourself that you that you were created to be miraculous. As beautiful as it is profound, the Miracles Are Normal writing journal also makes the perfect gift for anyone in your world!

If you order on Amazon, only the hard cover will be available. On my website, you can order either the hard cover or a downloadable PDF that you can print to create your own writing journal.

This has been one of my most fun projects ever, and I hope you enjoy it!

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