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We are truly in a time of accelerated miracles and of seeing the tangible, physical manifestation of spiritual reality. I will be sharing more miracle stories over the next few weeks, but for today, here is a really encouraging testimony from the Philippines:

When reading “Miracles Are Normal,” the Lord challenged me to incorporate your message as a part of the teaching outline for the Solid Foundation Ministries – Annual Pastor’s Conference, in a remote area of Western Mindanao Island. Sixty-one pastors came from several hours away by bus from three provinces, and some from ten hours away in the mountains of Zamboanga province. This is a heavily Muslim populated area. 

The theme was “Greater Things Than These.”  My wife and I spoke a total of 8 times over 3 days. At the end of the last session, we challenged any pastor who had health issues to stand up front. (A mixture of men and lady pastors.) Nine came forward and we asked for 9 other pastors to stand in front of them and speak a command of healing to them. 

We were amazed at the testimonies. Two guys with back pains were able to bend over with no pain, two ladies with stomach pains were healed, one man said, “I felt something bad leave my legs,” and another man had relief from pain in his knees. When I asked how many were healed, 12 raised their hands. Apparently, some who ministered the command to be healed were also healed. Some of those who ministered said they felt an anointing and a presence of God flow through them.   

One pastor was having stomach pain during the conference and he didn’t want to stand up front. My wife, Ching, called him to come up front to help minister, so he stood up to commanded a sickness to leave a man.  It left him and the pastor’s stomach pain also left him. His testimony was quite humorous.   

Near the end of ministry time, the pastors were speaking in Cebuano and I did not grasp their excitement, but later my interpreter told me, they were in total amazement and thrilled to see how easy it was for miracles to happen. A whole new adventure in “normals” are starting for these pastors and their congregations. 

Praise God for His release of faith, imagination, frequency, emotions and miracles, to the lives of these pastors. They are all excited to go home to begin commanding normals and healing for those in their congregations. One pastor told me, “The Holy Spirit spoke to me to visit two ladies with cancer right before I go home.” 

During ministry time, we asked them not to pray long prayers as their usual custom, but to give a short command of healing like Jesus did, when He spoke a word, “Be healed,” Be made whole,” etc. 

Your book has been a great investment in the mission field in the mountains and towns of Western Mindanao Island. 

Dr. Bruce and Ching Behnken  
Manila, Philippines 

Whatever you are facing today, be encouraged and remember… Miracles Are Normal!

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