How To Manifest Verdicts From The Courts Of Heaven

So… the message of Psalm 149 is that Biblical praise is what God uses to bind ungodly “kings” and to execute in the earth His righteous judgments which have already been rendered in the courts of heaven!!! If you have been learning about the legal system of the spirit realm and have been presenting cases in the courts of heaven, don’t forget this important piece… As you yield your body as an instrument of righteousness (Romans 6:13), the righteous judgments of God now have a tangible point of agreement in the earthly realm… a physical anchor that establishes those judgments (personally, locally, globally and cosmically) in the physical dimension. If you have been given verdicts in the courts of heaven but have not yet seen the physical manifestation, I encourage you to do some crazy praise… not just to get your manifestation, but also because He is worthy of the most extravagant praise, and then some! … Continue readingHow To Manifest Verdicts From The Courts Of Heaven

The Fibonacci Spiral of Creation

Suddenly, I found myself standing before a Fibonacci spiral, which I later learned is called the “golden spiral.” It is created by drawing circular arcs connecting opposite corners of squares. The Fibonacci sequence can be found in every level of creation… from spiral galaxies to sea shells, and from Saturn to living cells. This mathematical equation is one where each new number is the sum of the two previous ones. In this sense, the new is continuously created from the old. Nothing is disconnected. Nothing is wasted. Nothing is ever lost. So, what I am co-creating with God now is the sum of everything I have done, everything I have failed to do, everything I have repented for, everything that He has redeemed and even the time which has passed. Each new day is nothing but an opportunity to create what exists only in the spiritual realm out of what has, up to this point, existed in the natural realm… even in the form of missed opportunities. The spiral only gets larger. In this way, every time an opportunity is missed, when it cycles back around, it is larger. There is no such thing as total loss except in the form of quitting. … Continue readingThe Fibonacci Spiral of Creation

The Fruit of Another Generation

From the place where you are seated in Christ in the eternal realm, it is possible to access anything that the Father has for you at any time. But within the framework of earth-time, those who birth it in the earth, must labor to bring it forth. Once it has been established in the earth, others can access it more easily, because the barrier of impossibility has been broken for them. If you are reading this, you are no doubt a forerunner and have been chosen to birth something here. And birthing always involves labor. Doing something “new” or ahead of your time will take tremendous amounts of energy and determination. Meet Yeshua now on the Trading Floor and exchange discouragement for honor and weariness for His wind of refreshing. Pause for a moment and take in the magnitude of what He has given you the privilege of establishing here. Use your imagination to see those who will come after you enjoying those things more easily. An extraordinary miracle requires extraordinary labor – not human, fleshly works, but, like I talked about in last week’s post, laboring in prayer in the Secret Place. … Continue readingThe Fruit of Another Generation