The Gold and the Glory

I was walking with the Father and Enoch on the Ancient Paths, as I often do, but today it was golden… like the “yellow brick road.” I knew by the Spirit that it represented both the gold and the glory. The Father said, “It is your destiny to be a conduit of provision on the earth. Walk with Me on this path, child. Remember to walk in step with My rhythm.” As He said that, Wisdom appeared and began walking with us. Wisdom said, “Now that you have received my truth, Prudence will help you with the practical application. A good teacher always engages with both of us. I reveal the principle that, once mastered, can be used in different situations. Prudence reveals the practical application and the Divine strategy for implementation. Know that as soon as you are prepared to steward, your Father will pour out abundant blessings. He will open doors, establish connections and release opportunities.” … Continue readingThe Gold and the Glory