Ask Me…

Recently, I dreamed that a man was giving me and many others any car we wanted. He had a white piece of paper that was a list showing everyone’s name on the left and the car they had chosen on the right. My name was first on the list, and next to my name was a yellow Mini Cooper (the car I used to drive). In the dream, I knew that car was listed for me because I really didn’t know what I wanted, had not taken the time to define my heart’s desire and because the Mini was what I drove before.

The meaning of this dream is obvious and confirms some things the Father has been speaking to me… My name being first on the list represents the pioneers, those who have submitted to the refining of the wilderness season and whose hearts have been conformed to His. We have grown accustomed to “wilderness options”: manna, manna or manna. But we have now stepped into a Promised Land, where we are postured to receive “cities we didn’t build, wells we didn’t dig and crops we didn’t plant” (Deuteronomy 6:11). And even though it is what we have been crying out for, there is a sense of overwhelm, as we stand staring at our Divine blank canvas. The Father understands and is pouring out abundant grace for this transition season. But this grace is meant to enable us to dream once again. He will not do this for us, but insists upon doing it with us and through us.

In the language of dreams, cars often represent ministry or destiny, and in this dream it is obvious that I am thinking way too small…just about as small as it gets! I have also not taken the time nor put the energy into really knowing what I want. The fact that the car I used to drive is listed for me reveals that my desires are based on and limited by past experiences. But this is a new season, one where the highest heights of past seasons are merely seeds which have died in order to multiply. It’s time for an upgrade, but first I need to get to know my (which are His) heart’s desires. 

Later that same day, I had an encounter where I saw the sons of God holding hands, forming a circle that covered the earth. We began to spin, turning into a gigantic whirlwind. The lightning and thunder of His voice emerged from this whirlwind, along with the living Hebrew letters. This whirlwind touched down all over the earth – dismantling and re-mantling, dismantling and re-mantling, dismantling and re-mantling. It was a violent and messy process, especially the dismantling, but, in the end, it was glorious. I knew that corruption was being dealt with in all the mountains of the earth realm and that many things were being judged. I immediately knew it was Psalm 2, and I heard the Father say, “Ask….” I could hear the passionate longing in His voice. 

Ask me to give you the nations and I will do it,
and they shall become your legacy.
Your domain will stretch to the ends of the earth.
And you will shepherd them with unlimited authority,
crushing their rebellion as an iron rod smashes jars of clay!
-Psalm 2:8-9, TPT

Yeshua has already purchased the nations with His blood and, in Him, we have been given dominion. Now, the Father is looking for ones to reason with Him as Abraham did for Sodom and Gomorrah, ones to ask Him for the nations. In this season, He is teaching us how to rule and reign in tangible ways, functioning as His gates. It is not just spiritual encounters but the earthing out of them that extends His dominion. Throughout the encounter, I just kept hearing Him saying, “Ask Me….” 

After the tumultuous dismantling, the re-mantled earth looked lush and green, and all of creation was rejoicing to have been brought back into alignment with its destiny and its King. 

It really is a season where we can have what we desire. I’ve shared this before, but I want to leave you with a beautiful word from the Father where He gave me permission to dream again. May you also hear His voice, reaching deep inside and touching deeply buried desires. May you hear Him saying to you, “Ask Me…”

Do not be afraid to dream, to envision, to desire. It is not carnal. It is not selfish. Nor will your dreams be “too small,” as you have supposed. Goals which are imposed upon you from without are too small. But those dreams which emerge from your heart are the outflow of My heart in you. You are made in this way to create with Me. It sounds “spiritual” to defer to Me, but that is religion. I will not deviate from this pattern in creating with and through you. You must remain in a place of submission, allowing Me to guide and direct those dreams. You must allow them to die in the winter season, as you have learned. And you must give Me permission to work with places of idolatry. But I will not dream for you. I have placed My dreams within you from eternity past. They are already within you, yet you are waiting on Me to give them to you from without. Some people spend their whole lives waiting for this, wandering in a wilderness of uncertainty and purposelessness. Do not die in this wilderness… It sounds so spiritual, saying you trust Me and that My thoughts are higher than yours. And they are. But you have forgotten that My thoughts are within you because I am within you. You have learned to not walk in presumption, to not lean on your own understanding. You have learned to submit to Me, to ask Me, to listen to Me, to eat from My hand – the Tree of Life. But now you must learn to dream My dreams. You must accept responsibility for the dreams, desires and destiny that I have already placed within you. I not only give you permission to dream, but I require that you dream. I have chosen, not a puppet, but a bride…a bride with her own thoughts, feelings, desires, personality and identity. It is time to embrace the dreams and desires that I have placed within you. Look into your spirit, and you will remember what you already said yes to. So, just be true to the passions and desires that arise, for springtime has come. You did well to remain steadfast and obedient during the winter season, when the old desires were dying away – the shedding of a skin much too small. But now you must look within and embrace the dreams of this butterfly season. You have grown accustomed to caterpillar options and restrictions. You have grown accustomed to the death of desire. But it’s time to wake up. Do not fear disappointment, for this is the season for you to create with your dreams. Don’t worry about the uncertainties. Just start by being true to the desires you know are there. Do not stifle or censor them, judging them as selfish or frivolous. Am I not well able to convict and to correct you? Start by simply acknowledging the desires you know are there, even though they may be small and sparse at first. Just like the beginning of a spring shower, the first few drops simply lead the way for the downpour. 

Happy dreaming!

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